BrainxToilet Split 2014

by Budd Dwyer

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Split with BrainxToilet from Greensboro, NC
Recorded by Jairo Montenegro
Cover Art by Morgan Sturgeon
....yes, those are our real dogs.


released June 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Budd Dwyer New Brunswick, New Jersey

Grindcore for it's own sake. If you need a show in NJ or want to book us somewhere or even if you want us to mail you some merch email us at

Geetard/Throat- Josh
BamBam- Daniel

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Track Name: We Won't Stand A Chance
Knocked down to your knees
By those sworn to protect

They’ll take away you guns so you won’t be able to defend your life of your family
You won’t be able to fucking stand
Stealing food just to eat and they chopped off your hands
As resources dwindle, Society will crumble

Who’ll be left to help you, when they can’t help themselves?
The cops and the army will become roaming hordes
Leaving crippled citizens left to fend for their own

Against soldiers armed to the teeth
Trained to kill and they will cut our throats

When the shit hits the fan
We won’t stand a fucking chance
When the shit hits the fan
Will you be ready to take the life of a friend?

Keep close watch
Wait for the end
When the shit hits the fan
The powerless ones will be
Prey to them
And we won’t stand a chance.
Track Name: Dead People's Baggage
Ignorance Breeds Hatred
Clinging to old grudges is nothing more than fucking stupid
You look down on your fellow man because your grandpa told you it was right
“We should Wipe those japs off of the earth”,
oh yeah I forgot that’s why we fought World War II

Shed the skin of what your country’s done.
You weren’t there, You didn’t help.
Now it’s time for you to grow the fuck up
How can you hate someone you’ve never met?

Abandon Hate
(it’s only) Dead People’s Baggage

What’s done is done time to get over it
Fuck every war, I don’t care why it started.
Track Name: BRAINxTOILET - Judd Danzig