Demo 2011

by Budd Dwyer

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released October 14, 2011



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Budd Dwyer New Brunswick, New Jersey

Grindcore for it's own sake. If you need a show in NJ or want to book us somewhere or even if you want us to mail you some merch email us at

Geetard/Throat- Josh
BamBam- Daniel

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Track Name: Scrapin' Off The Crust
­fashion punx, what the fuck are you tryin to prove. no one gives a fuck about your stupid face tattoos. since when did black metal get so cool. traveling broke and hungry, just an easy way to make money, you've ridden all the trains but your conversations are still the same.... hooked on dope and hooked on booze. government pays for your food. cut your dreads you're all the same­­
Track Name: Nothing Left
It's obvious we don't hang out anymore. What is left could hardly be called a friendship...A hallow shell of what is now dead. Abandoned, Absent. Left us out to dry. Wasted talent. Rotting in a shack. Others might forgive you but I don't know if I can. I can't say that I hate you but it's obvious there's nothing left. Nothing Left.
Track Name: Stale
Who should I rip off today? Carbon copies. Played the fuck out. Been there, Done that. Why
is nothing new? Sounding stale. Where’s the progression? If I wanted to hear slayer, then I’d
throw on….Hell awaits. 20 years have passed and there’s almost nothing new.
Track Name: Anarkyke
Militant jews raping hitler’s corpse. Your moustache didn’t save you did it. Revenge tastes so
fucking sweet. Goebbels’ ashes made into gefilte fish. Himmler’s nutsack pounded into matzah.
Track Name: Insomnia
Thoughts so loud that I can’t sleep a wink. Time a slow crawl until the sun comes out. Lethargic
mind in a daze. Why can’t I fucking sleep?
Track Name: Typical Bullshit
Bored as fuck. No fucking clue. Every option but I don’t do…Anything but waste my time. Glued
to a TV, vapid and emotionless. Floating through life distracted. Pointlessly Continuing. Why am
I even here? Barely conscious drugged and half dead.
Track Name: This Shit Should Be Free
My pockets are empty. My stomach is too. But you’ll never catch me compromising what I do.
Whore myself out for a buck. Expression for profit. What the fuck? Look I get it, it costs money
to live. And time is money, but money isn’t art. This shit should be free.
Track Name: Persisting Indifference
Seems like I should care but I know that I don’t. Mundane day to day. Nothing profound.
Another day another waste. Caught in a daze, an apathetic living corpse. Enthusiasm’s a fleeting
feeling…Half-hearted and Half-assed. Continuing only to be marginally less miserable.